Ode on Marital Love

The girl I love with all my heart
With her I may the Lord adore
Since I have loved her from the start
For lovers lore

‘Cause she was pierced with love as well
E’en to this day she loves me still
For God designed our hearts to swell
Through His own will

How fortunate two souls can be
When happiness is called to fate
United for eternity
My lover said

Why I became a member of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints (Part II)

It’s been a while since I wrote part I of this post, but part II is finally here.

Looking back, the reasons why I chose to be baptized, I remember the questions I had around marriage.

As an investigator I sat in the priesthood meeting for the first time with roughly ten well dressed men in fine suits, learning together, being friendly and funny with each other. I felt welcomed to join them and participate in the class discussion. I had simple, but important questions such as “why should someone get married?”, “isn’t marriage outdated?” and “is family life not a burden that slows down ones spiritual progress?”

Eternal Marriage

The main thing I learned there was that unmarried men and women who strive to be holy are not necessarily more virtuous or favorable in the eyes of God than married men and women who strive for the same object.

In fact, the opposite is true. Couples who are covenanted with the Lord in the holy temple through the ordinance of an eternal marriage will be exalted, receiving the biggest blessings of all, if they stay true to their covenants through worthy living. Plus, man and woman become husband and wife and are sealed for all time and eternity. When it is done with the right authority the sealing is not “until death do us part”.

whatever God doeth, it shall be for ever, Eccl. 3:14