Haiku’s in April

Haiku #1

The clouds pass us by
In the mysteries of love
The peace dove flies home


Haiku #2

Despite the wrinkles
Autumn loves the dead leaves
Melancholy life


Haiku #3

Gone our starry night
Sings a meadow lark sweetly
Under lofty trees


Haiku #4

The stormy clouds bang
Over the dwindling harbor
Bless you Mother Nature


Haiku #5

Light clouds after noon
Past the barbed wire fence
Tender raindrops fall


Haiku #6

A sickle moon hangs
Outside my neighbor’s window
Is that a cheese cake?


Haiku #7

Ashes in the air
For the sorrowful widow
The wind blows it far


Haiku #8

A gust of warm wind
Through the trees, the flower beds
Bring forth perfume


Haiku #9

In dark empty streets
Nightingales sing joyfully
Shivers down my spine


Haiku #10

Two turtle doves flee
Hide together from the rain
For a higher love


Haiku #11

Suddenly two birds
Fly with the swiftness of light
So quick they are gone


Haiku #12

Glancing in my eyes
My dark logician said, man
Let’s think this over


Haiku #13

To be burned to life
On the dust of Death and Time
The Phoenix will rise


Haiku #14

I hear the birds sing
Humble melodies, they sooth
And lift up my heart


Haiku #15

Oh! It’s a new day
Now weary night has left us
Sunrise in our souls


Haiku #16

The flame in my heart burns on
To honor the Lord


Haiku #17

Hi, a stranger said
With a warm smile and handshake
How are you, brother?


Haiku #18

Man kneels to the ground
Every virtue he may keep
While gaining meekness


Haiku #19

Piercing through the trees
Clear visions of day light blue
Oh! Beautiful sky


Haiku #20

A car stops and nods
There is a small cat walking
The zebra crossing


Haiku #21

No! The pond is dry
No ducks come near to greet me
No water’s splashing


Haiku #22

Like the gentle wind
On the billion blades of grass
I will caress you


Made in April 2013