Meeting My Friend Anh

One day she stumbled upon my online profile.
Reading it through, she reckons having thought,
“Who is this? His description is pretty neat”.
Then she dropped me a message, a five star hello.

“Hey! A message from … Anh?! Who could this be”,
I asked myself as if I had forgotten my script.
After a curious frown a smile came to me.
I txted her back and said, “Hello”.

How Fair She Is!

In the heavens and on the earth
she graces me with joy and mirth.
Save love, I wouldn’t understand

She is the wind, born to be free,
swaying me like a willow tree,
that flows in the lowland.

Like the sunset, she carries on
with hope the bright stars thereupon
make the night both warm and dim.

Holding a lantern in her hand,
which she lights up at her command
when Day is filled to the brim.

And therefor I sing a tune.
And as I walk beneath the moon
I meditate by the sea.

This princess, Lord, with a good name,
whose wisdom is of high acclaim,
acts out of love for Thee.

With thanks to two poets, Tatwin Spruyt and John Williams, who have contributed to this love poem through suggestion, and also thanks to the novelist Mylissa Buysse who reviewed it.

A Tale of Innocence: The Wasp

Jorgia was laying in the sun on the grass near the river, Mother earth and Father sky watching over her.

Her eyes were closed, feeling some of the green blades on the ground between her thumb and her other fingers. She breathed deeply the sweet air that was present there in abundance.

But, what she did not know is that with her fingers she was holding and stroking a wasp and not a flower in the grass.

For more than a minute she relaxed the wasp, who was enjoying very much her soulful touch.

When she opened her eyes and saw the little creature she was surprised that all this time it was a wasp and not a flower she had been caressing.

Although people consider wasps to be dangerous, she was not stressed nor sorely afraid when she released the insect, only wonder betook her. There was no fear nor panic, only an innocent experience.



say who am I
with humble upbringing
with hopeful lines
in solitude crafted
and with devotions torch
my dearest love

who will with thoughtfulness
light up the dark
exploring all the feelings
in my chest

And through the eye
of curiosity
still gaze upon the time
when I am yours
and you are mine
so destiny fulfills

Book Review: the Poet’s Companion

The Poet's Companion: A Guide to the Pleasures of Writing PoetryThe Poet’s Companion: A Guide to the Pleasures of Writing Poetry by Kim Addonizio

My rating: 5 of 5 stars

The Poet’s Companion is a treasure to me. It is carefully filled with selected poems by contemporary poets to illustrate certain techniques and points the writers of this book are making.

The section about publishing in the digital age is a bit outdated by now since this book was published twenty one years ago. I just skipped that part.

Other than that, the exercises they provide are very helpful. I was excited reading the book without even doing the exercises. Now I can’t wait to give it a second read.

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