About me

“Tell me, what is it you plan to do with your one wild and precious life?”
― Mary Oliver

Poetry appeared into my life when I was a confused teenager suffering from depression. A broken vessel, but aroused to write as I felt the light was I not being solaced by the great comforter?

Later as a university student, whilst carrying out regular lucubrations of English and Dutch Literature in my first year, I began to suffer from PTSD. My mental health issues and the difficulties I experienced in university made it impossible for me to continue my courses. Finally, dropping out became a reality and I chose another path.

I did not realize then that these hardships were blessings in disguise.

PTSD was my Leviathan storming out of the ocean
and the gospel the treasure that shone from the deep

I think you know how it is. Life gets in the way sometimes and sometimes the things you are passionate about fade away into memory.

Yet, when PTSD was breaking down on me I realized I needed more healing. One of the healing modalities I sought out was massage therapy, a passion of mine when I was young.

Now, at 32, still young, living in Apeldoorn, the Netherlands, I have become a massage therapist. Still, although I did not finish my university education in English and Dutch Literature, my desire to give shape to the poems that I feel are within me has never ceased to be big and enduring.

Currently I am taking online studies at BYU Idaho, working as a massage therapist, looking forward to start my own practice again. As soon as my start up is all set up and rolling I will devote more time to poetry again.

Thanks for reading!


Updated March 02, 2020