Sunday Afternoon Dreams

I had some dreams about Christian, my seven year older half brother whom I haven’t seen or heard of in five years or so. In one of these dreams he came into my room with a pamflet in his pocket, one which he had found somewhere.
I braced myself as he had not always been kind to me and I didn’t know what to expect. When I saw that the booklet which he took out of his pocket was called the Strength of the Youth, a pamflet I had prayerfully studied, I wondered if he was going to ridicule me or miraculously express some sincere surprise and respect for this booklet from the Church and why I had become a member.

Then the dream rearranged itself into another one where Chris started talking with me about his artwork. And as we did, I saw his beautiful paintings displayed all over the room.
“Do you ever think about fame, and do you have a plan to sell your artwork sometime soon?”, I asked. I thought he had so much talent and I loved his work.
I didn’t get an answer, but cheekily said, “if not, you might not receive much appreciation, only after your death. Only then you would become famous”.
I did not want to suggest blogging about his artwork or use YouTube because I felt I was not in the position to persuade him.

Also, in one of my dreams this afternoon I saw how Chris loved babies and little children, a love which I had never associated with him before. When a baby came into the gallery shop he would tenderly brush its soft cheek, or hold the baby up before him in admiration and prattle, or when it was a child he would play with it.

I am taken up with these dreams to the point that they make me see my half brother in a different light.

Grateful for a day of rest on which I can relax, take a nap and reflect on the dreams I have had, I leave you with a quote to encourage you to interpret your own dreams.

An uninterpreted dream is like an unopened letter.

Jewish proverb

Meeting My Friend Anh

One day she stumbled upon my online profile.
Reading it through, she reckons having thought,
“Who is this? His description is pretty neat”.
Then she dropped me a message, a five star hello.

“Hey! A message from … Anh?! Who could this be”,
I asked myself as if I had forgotten my script.
After a curious frown a smile came to me.
I txted her back and said, “Hello”.