The Muse

In the heavens and on the earth
She graces me with joy and mirth
But, why? Can I understand

She is the wind, born to be free
To sway me like a willow tree
Flowing in a lowland

By the sunset, she carries on
With hope the bright stars thereupon
Make the night both warm and dim

Holding a lantern in her hand
Which she lights up at her command
When Day is filled to the brim

And as she wears her crown in June
While standing still beneath the moon
I meditate by the sea

This princess, Lord, with a good name
Whose wisdom is of high acclaim
Acts out of love for Thee

With thanks to two poets, Tatwin Spruyt and John Williams, who have contributed to this love poem through suggestion, and also thanks to the novelist Mylissa Buysse who reviewed it.

A Tale of Innocence: The Wasp

Jorgia was laying in the sun on the grass near the river, Mother earth and Father sky watching over her.

Her eyes were closed, feeling some of the green blades on the ground between her thumb and her other fingers. She breathed deeply the sweet air that was present there in abundance.

But, what she did not know is that with her fingers she was holding and stroking a wasp and not a flower in the grass.

For more than a minute she relaxed the wasp, who was enjoying very much her soulful touch.

When she opened her eyes and saw the little creature she was surprised that all this time it was a wasp and not a flower she had been caressing.

Although people consider wasps to be dangerous, she was not stressed nor sorely afraid when she released the insect, only wonder betook her. There was no fear nor panic, only an innocent experience.


Six Months – Is It Vanity to Blog About Yourself?

Hello friends and family,

It has been six months now since I started working under and with Richard and Ani. Richard, who is a chiropractor and a true expert in his field, and Ani, who is a naturopath, an ayurveda and massage therapist, and who is also the employer whom I work most closely with. I do couple massages with either one of them at times.

The dynamics at Natural Health have slightly changed since February. A young sport masseuse named Cat came in one Saturday at the reception, looking for temporary work. She became my colleage for a month. She left for Bali just a week ago to pursue a massage course there and later on she goes back to the UK.

Last week another young lady, someone who contacted Ani a while ago, became my colleage. Her name is Jorgia, and she will be with us for a few months. She is twenty-four, and grew up on the Northern Island. Her dad is Irish and she lived in Ireland with him for a year or so. She doesn’t look Irish though. Jorgia has long, darkbrown hair and has some Maori roots. She went to the same school in India that Ani went to, though not at the same time, but a while after Ani attended classes there. One of the teacher there told Jorgia about Ani and her massage practice at Hanmer Springs because he remembered that she was also from New Zealand. Jorgia kept that in mind as she felt drawn to meet and possibly work for her. And now it is a reality.

Now that Jorgia has worked with me for a week I can say that she is a wonderful blessing to me as a colleage. We both are not yet so experienced in our profession as massage therapists, but it is beneficial to us that we are pretty much on the same level because in our free time we can partner up in our study of anatomy and we can practice on each other, teaching each other and learning from each other new techniques. It also means that we can have a free massage each week.

But, she is not only a colleage to me. Jorgia is also like a flatmate. She lodges in the yoga room, which is ten meters away from where I have my bedroom. There is a bed there that can be transformed into a couch. During the day we often spend time in the kitchen, which is where we share ingrediënts, meals, laughes and stories. 

On an other level, she is like the younger sister I never had. We are kind of on the same wavelenght. And we care for each other much like brothers and sisters do. 

Is it not wonderful when amazing people pop into your life?

This morning in church I talked with David. He advised me a few months ago to ask Ani and Richard if they would consider sponsoring me. I thanked him for his counsel. David grew up in India and came to NZ when he was only twelve. He retired not long ago.

After the Sacrament meeting, as he sat beside me, he asked me what I like doing in my free time.

I uttered very slowly, “… read and write, I am a quiet guy.”

“Poems”, I exclaimed as an answer to his next question. “And, what do you write?”

“I also have a blog.”

He then went on to say that blogging is a great way to express yourself, even share the gospel and to share with friends and family what goes on in your life. He told me a story of one of his best friends who kept a blog about himself and his family, and in which he, David, was also mentioned. David loved reading it, he said.

The sentence he shared with me that stuck with me the most was this: “Many people who seem to be close to each other don’t really know each other well”. Thinking about my younger brother for example whose name is also David, I realized that this is true.

Since I began sharing my writings with others the thought of writing about oneself is vanity entered into my mind quite often, and that therefor that kind of writing is something to be abhorred. I struggled for a long time with the belief that I shouldn’t write about my experiences, which often kept me from writing.

But, along the way I have also learned, and this was confirmed to me this morning, that however it can be true that writing about oneself can be vain, in many cases, such as in the example David gave to me, it is not. It can be just a way to communicate with loved ones, family, friends.

I used to have bad dreams wherein would open my mouth and nothing came out. Or, sometimes I would not speak, but the words would be silent. I couldn’t speak, which was so frustrating to me. It was as if there was a block.

There must be subconscious beliefs that block this flow. Even with writing this comes up at times. Time to do some more inner work, wouldn’t you agree?