Arrival and First Few Days in New Zealand

“Sorry! You were probably going to use this seat to lie down on.”

A lady addressed me as she was taking the seat on the other end of the middle part where I was sitting. She moved from the row behind me to sit in mine. On her row all of the three seats were occupied, while on mine there was more room, two seats were left.

“No! It’s okay. You can sit there.” I assured her.

The lady had grey hair and looked European. She was traveling alone, just like me.

Because I was so excited about the media provided on this airline I started to have a conversation with her only after about sixteen hours of flying, at the very end. I had noticed though that she had been reading a novel that was written in Dutch, my second language. So I was curious about her circumstances.

She told me she just came back from Holland where she had paid her mom a visit as she does every year. Now she was heading home, her house being just outside of Auckland.

I also found out that she had moved to New Zealand together with her husband when she was about thirty-five years old.

I asked her as we were heading toward customs, “How do you feel about having moved here? Do you perhaps regret that decision?”

“Not at all!” She answered. “The only downside is perhaps missing family, and the twenty-three hours on the plane, but I absolutely love living here.”

I nodded in apprehension. We wished each other well, shook hands and waved each other goodbye, going our own way.

After my arrival I took the shuttle bus to the hostel where I would be staying at for a few nights. On that bus I met Tom, a German who was slightly younger than I was. He said he was in the middle of a world trip and just flew over from Chili over the Pacific. We had a nice little chat before I had to get out of the bus.

I guess Auckland is like any other Metropolis. Therefor I do not find it very interesting. Still I had to stay for orientation and to apply for work.

I checked in at the Base Hostel for three nights, where I shared a room with the eighteen year old Melany, who was from Germany and who managed to spend the whole day in bed. My other roommate was the twenty four year old Alexander, who was very tall. He came from Utah, but was not a Latter Day Saint.

After orientation I applied for I think ten massage therapy positions which were scattered all over the country, both on the North and the South Island. Also I made an appointment with the organic farmer I had contacted when I was still in Belgium. I could volunteer at their farm for a week or so, starting the next week on Monday. This was perfect as I was awaiting and expecting some employers to respond to my message.

The next day I went south, looking forward to be at the farm, far away from the hustling and bustling city. I would be back though, to meet Pati, my niece, who moved from the Philippines to Auckland a few years ago.

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  1. Cindy August 31, 2018

    Hello Alexander, nice to read your first moments…I just started airbnb at home and i like the conversations with different people traveling around or just passing by to visit Brugge… So enjoy all these conversations they wil give you lots off inspiration i think! Kind regards Cindy 🙏🏼

    • Leonard L. Sand September 2, 2018

      Hey Cindy, nice to see you are reading my blog and thanks for your comment! That’s good advice you have there. Thanks! Also, good luck with your airbnb! 🙂

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