Packing for New Zealand

In the picture below you can see the bags which I will use for my one year work and travel trip. The big blue one can go on my back and the other one on my chest. Talking about a Leonard L. Sandwich.

Victor, a fellow couch surfer whom I hosted a week ago, advised me to walk around a minute or two while carrying my bags as if I would already be traveling (the same procedure when you are trying on new shoes). I must say, I have tried it and the bags felt really easy to carry and not that heavy at all.

In the big blue one I have neatly placed all my clothes and my bath supplies, plus some of my electronics in the side pockets. My sleeping bag, my (note)books, my documents, my airplane ticket, and my money related things, they can all go in the smaller, grey bag.

To make sure I had everything I used the checklist on, a handy website to help travellers check off everything that they need.


The child in me says, “I am going to New Zealand for a year and I am bringing with me”


  • five pairs of socks
  • underwear for seven days
  • walking shoes
  • one pair of Sunday shoes
  • one white shirt (for Sundays)
  • four ties
  • one suit
  • white fisherman’s pants
  • brown fisherman’s pants
  • one white fisherman’s shirt
  • two pants
  • two t-shirts
  • nike shorts (for sports and swimming)
  • three shirts
  • pajama’s
  • two towels

On my trip I will need to do laundry of course, since I am bringing clothes of which most I will have worn after a week. But, that is a concern for later, isn’t it?

Bath supplies:

  • a toothbrush
  • homeopathic toothpaste
  • a shaving machine + adaptor
  • moisturizer
  • nail clippers
  • self made perfume of essential oils
  • olive oil (conditioner)

Eating & drinking:

  • cutlery
  • snacks
  • a bottle of water


  • a sleeping bag
  • a sleeping mask


  • Iphone
  • Ipad
  • charger + wire
  • earphones
  • electric converters

I decided to leave my digital camera at home and use the camera in my I phone 6 instead. So whenever I feel like capturing a memory in a canvas format I just get my I phone out of my pocket and “click”. I am not setting out to win the award of best landscape photographer anyway.


  • work and travel visa
  • international passport
  • temporary driver’s license
  • copy of my travel insurance (digital)


  • cash
  • wallet
  • credit cards/debet cards
  • show money to pass through immigration


  • airline ticket


  • two notebooks (one for morning papers and one for other notes or exercises)
  • some souvenirs from Bruges I can give to my hosts
  • a novel (The Songs of You and Me)

Yep, that is all. I think I got everything. Let me evaluate this list later.


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