To Do More with Less

After watching the documentary the Minimalists (two times) I felt strongly that I should get rid of some of the things I have held on to for so long.

When I looked at my wardrobe, for example, with this renewed set of eyes of mine I noticed that one, my wardrobe was rather chaotic and two, there were clothes that I did not like wearing (anymore). Still I kept them.

So, I got really honest with myself and posed the question, “why hold on to these items?” If I am not watchful of myself and I keep stacking things up, it will become very hard for me at times to find the thing(s) I really want or need.

I like to feel free and agile; to enjoy the order and the beauty that comes from a clean environment. For that reason I like to declutter from time to time. Though it can be hard sometimes to say goodbye to possessions that need to go, eventually it’s for the best.

The main message of minimalism and simplicity is to do more with less. I learned that when possessions impede our growth, we should find a way to get rid of those possessions before they start possessing us. When they no longer serve us, we shouldn’t keep them, but give them away or sell them. Our possessions might serve someone else.

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