The Cashier

Her big blue earrings,
they caught Leo’s eye
Blond hair and brown
freckles on her nose
“So beautiful”, he thought,
not knowing if he should
compliment her
on how she looked so good
with those dark grape,
ocean earrings.

She wore a white farmacie dress
on top of her “normal” clothes.
He wondered who she was,
but didn’t get far
when he saw her two colleagues
also dressed in white,
she being the cutest
by far

She kindly received him
at the counter where he
gave her the prescription note.
She typed on the keyboard,
searching fruitlessly
with unwomanly looking,
chubby hands with knuckles
bruised. Why? A fight
with her boyfriend?
A rock climber?
Mhm, no nail polish…
Those hands,
they don’t not look like hers.

He watched how she worked.
Some trouble
reading the scribbles
on the prescription note.
Do you know?
She asked her colleague.
Okay, no problem.
They found the medicines.

Then, he smiled at her
she smiled back.
He typed in the wrong pin.
On the second try
he got it right.
She offered a sack.
He placed inside
the two little boxes.

Thank you!
And good evening!

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